February 2012

NAF El Centro gallery added

02/18/2012Comments: 0

NAF El Centro Base Visit. A new gallery has been added featuring some photos from our base visit to NAF El Centro - winter home of the US Navy Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels performed twice that day and regular flight ops took place afterwards. VFA-122 and VFA-125 were performing some training as well in their Legacy and Super Hornets. 

Thanks go to base PAO Michelle Dee and her team for their incredible hospitality and professionalism.


New gallery added

02/03/2012Comments: 0

We have added a gallery just for cockpit photos. Starting with a World War II bomber and fighter right up to the Navy's newest jet - the EA-18G Growler. The simplest cockpit is found in the smallest plane the Challenger II aerobatic biplane flown by the legendary Sean D Tucker. A rare photo of the B1-B bomber flight deck is also shown.