Me at Oceana Air Show



Glad you found this site! Allow me a few paragraphs to introduce myself:

I have always had an interest in photography - I got my first SLR as a teenager and enjoyed learning photography fundamentals on a completely manual camera.

The introduction of the first Canon Rebel got me into the EOS system, and in 2005 I went digital and have never looked back.

I have created this site to share some of my favorite aviation photographs taken at air shows, open houses and other special events.

I want to convey the skill and professionalism of our military women and men who fly and maintain the aircraft. And as a huge warbird fan, I also want to showcase the magnificent restored warbirds as they bring aviation history alive. I consider it a privilege to see the results of all their restoration work.

This website will continue to evolve as I attend events and capture more images. I will also be adding some galleries of older airshows.

If you are looking for anything specific, feel free to contact me, I have a large inventory of photographs.

Isaac Lebowitz

Member, International Society of Aviation Photographers

Current equipment: Canon 50D, 7D, 18-55mm, 15-85mm, 70-200mm L, 100-400mm L, 28-135mm